Friday, May 27, 2011

Ginger Snapssssss

Ok, I didn't post this fast enough to offer them to readers, as they sold out super fast, but let me tell you about my favorite thing I've baked in a long time, and possibly...


Ok. I've been on this huge ginger kick lately. I made my own ginger syrup to use to make cocktails (delicious) and homemade ginger ale. I'm kind of obsessed with it.

So I was sitting in class, trying to pay attention, and failing. And instead of thinking about the finer points of Microsoft Excel, I was thinking about making cookies (surprise).

And I decided, "Hm, I really want to make ginger snaps!"

And Oh, did I make ginger snaps.

I started by making homemade candied ginger, which was an adventure in itself. I'd never candied anything, but it's actually pretty fun.

I used the candied ginger in these fantastic cookies, as well as ground ginger and fresh ginger. I made them soft, because that's my favorite kind of cookie. They were sweet, but they also had a bit of a kick, provided by the ginger and various spices. These cookies ROCKED MY WORLD, and apparently they rocked everyone else's too. One of my most faithful customers said they were her favorite thing I've ever made!

I'll definitely have to make these again. I just made them two days ago and I'm already craving them. So look out for them again, they'll be back!

Until we eat again,


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