Friday, May 27, 2011

Ginger Snapssssss

Ok, I didn't post this fast enough to offer them to readers, as they sold out super fast, but let me tell you about my favorite thing I've baked in a long time, and possibly...


Ok. I've been on this huge ginger kick lately. I made my own ginger syrup to use to make cocktails (delicious) and homemade ginger ale. I'm kind of obsessed with it.

So I was sitting in class, trying to pay attention, and failing. And instead of thinking about the finer points of Microsoft Excel, I was thinking about making cookies (surprise).

And I decided, "Hm, I really want to make ginger snaps!"

And Oh, did I make ginger snaps.

I started by making homemade candied ginger, which was an adventure in itself. I'd never candied anything, but it's actually pretty fun.

I used the candied ginger in these fantastic cookies, as well as ground ginger and fresh ginger. I made them soft, because that's my favorite kind of cookie. They were sweet, but they also had a bit of a kick, provided by the ginger and various spices. These cookies ROCKED MY WORLD, and apparently they rocked everyone else's too. One of my most faithful customers said they were her favorite thing I've ever made!

I'll definitely have to make these again. I just made them two days ago and I'm already craving them. So look out for them again, they'll be back!

Until we eat again,


Friday, May 20, 2011

The Making of a Name

During a visit with my extended family last year, I made a dessert I had played with before, a tiramisu inspired cupcake. The things are crazy addictive, you can pop 'em back like M&Ms. At the kids table (unfortunately, I'm stuck there until further noticed), we were discussing what to call them. Tiramisu cups? Tira-mini-masus? My cousin Derek was on his third or fourth helping of the things, and he was struck with genius.

"Oo shu kah uh teeruh mifoofeez."

His mouth was full. Translated-

"You should call them TiramiSusies."

Now, this name was just so cute I could hardly stand it. And I liked it so much that it stuck, and eventually turned into a great idea for a name for our whole business. When Jordan and I started toying with the idea of a bakery, we kept coming back to that name. I said, "Are you sure? I hate that it only has my name. Can we think of a way to incorporate both of our names?" We thought at Jipsie's, because he often goes by JP or Jip. We thought about TiramiSusie's and JorDanish's, but that was just too long. And we don't even make danishes (yet). No matter what ideas we came up with, TiramiSusie's just always felt more right.

So in honor of the beginning of our internet business, we've made the original TiramiSusies.

They're a chocolate and coffee mini-cupcake with a cream cheese filling, topped with whipped cream and cocoa powder.

We're selling them for 50 cents a piece. If you live in the Tulsa area, look up our facebook, or email to get some ASAP!

Thanks! Until we eat again,


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Welcome to the Bakery!

Hey guys! I'm Susie, cocreator of TiramiSusie's. I am but a poor college student with a love for baking. My best friend Jordan and I are both lovers of baking and cooking, and when you put us together, we're unstoppable.

Over the past few years, we've spent a lot of time (and cash) baking, and we think our stuff is ready to see the world (or at least the world wide web).

So we're going to use this blog to show off some of our more impressive and delicious creations! There's more to come, but here are some of our past favorites!

Orange Mocha Cheesecake

This was a Valentine's Day creation and my first venture into cheesecakes. It was delicious! I also made a coffee whipped cream to go on top-- by hand, because I had left my hand mixer at Jordan's. But look forward to more cheesecakes in the future!

White Chocolate Cupcakes

We've been on a big cupcake kick for a good while. These were by request of a friend and turned out pretty well! We topped them with chocolate dipped strawberries and YUM.


These are so tasty they MUST be illegal. No really. They're peanut butter-pretzel-chocolatey goodness and once you eat one, you just want twenty more. You NEED twenty more. I swear there are no addictive narcotics in them. But if you didn't know any better....

There's a taste of what's to come. We'll keep you updated with our culinary adventures!

In the mean time, we're trying to break into selling our baked goods and catering small events. If you're interested, email us at:

or check us out on Facebook!

Until we eat again,