Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jordan's T-shirt Scarves

Hey, it's Jordan!

I was cleaning out my closet one day of clothes that I never wear to make room for an upcoming shopping spree. I wanted to up-cycle these old clothes because recently I have been on a crafting kick. I googled T-shirt Scarves and found several helpful sites. Here is how I did mine.

The best fabric to use is Jersey Knit-it's soft and extremely stretchy. Cut the shirts in several different lengths and widths to add variety to your scarf. Save the arm sleeves for later. After you have cut the shirt into strips of fabric, pull on both ends of the strips so that the sides of the strips curl up on each other and hide your jagged cutting.

You can assemble then in any way that floats your boat. Braid, twist, or fringe to your liking. Once you are happy with the way your scarf turned out, use the arm sleeve to to wrap around and hide the back of your scarf where you have stitched your strips of fabric together. After all was said and done, I still had some left over fabric. What to do? Make T-shirt Bracelets!

You can braid them, or do what I did which is a little more complicated, but still, extremely easy. I found this website on Pinterest that helped me figure out a spiffy way of braiding.

Best wishes in making your own T-shirt Scarves!

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